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El mejor servicio de empresas en la nube, que funciona desde hace más de 10 años.

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Trabaja desde cualquier lugar o dispositivo. No importa desde donde, accede a tu escritorio en pocos clicks.

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Advantages of the NK Cloud

Cost reduction of IT services

Hardware is not the only cost. The investment involves time, effort and resources dedicated to the installation and care of the equipment, as well as indirect costs.

Energy savings with additional equipment

With no infrastructure in place, the costs, such as electricity consumption, associated with having all this equipment on the company’s premises are considerably reduced.

Any device, anywhere

The NK Virtual Desktop provides all the necessary tools regardless of the size of your business so that it can be deployed anywhere.

Cloud-based solution

The NK Virtual Desktop really makes life easier for those who use it, as it provides a permanent connection to work data, both inside and outside the office. All this is possible thanks to the large servers in the data centres and more than 9 years of experience dedicated to the continuous improvement of Nukkon’s unique working platform.

Basically, the NK Virtual Desktop offers the possibility to move any company to the cloud, along with the necessary software and data. The solution is easily adaptable to all activities: management, accounting and many professions (lawyers, doctors, consultants, auditors, etc.), real estate agencies, construction and others.

Why choose NK Virtual Desktop

Ease of use

Have all your data in one place.

Flexibility and mobility

Maintain a permanent connection to the virtual office, anywhere, anytime.


You are sure not to lose data.


You can use any programme or application you need.


You have peace of mind, because any technical problems related to the software are dealt with quickly by the NK technical team (in the shortest possible time).


If specific requirements arise over time, we respond by adapting or developing the platform to the specifics of the customer’s requirement.

Remote Desktop in only 3 steps

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